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 Information about Listing a Race on the SRC homepage


The SRC provides a section on our home page to list upcoming local races.  The purpose of this service is to further our mission of supporting running in Spartanburg.  The following are the guidelines to follow and what to expect by listing your race on the front page of our website.

To be listed, a race must meet the following requirements:

-- It must be located in Spartanburg County
-- It must not occur on the same date as an SRC-organized race
-- The race director must contact us at least 1 month in advance of the race date
(If your race does not meet these requirements, we can still list it on our Regional Race Schedule)

We will provide a small block (half-page width) on the home page with the race name, distance, date, time, location, and a link to the race website and/or registration form up to 3 months in advance of the race date.  A maximum of 4 races will be listed at one time (in chronological order)
, with priority going to those who contact us earliest.

In exchange for the SRC listing your race, we ask that you please include an SRC membership application form either in your race packet or readily available on a table at the race.  Please have enough forms so that all participants may receive one.  Our membership form can be found here.  (Each race is responsible for making copies.)

If you would like to join the SRC, please click

To have your race listed on our front page, please contact the webmaster directly,
or use our Contact Us form (webmaster).